Allocating inventory to selling channels

You can set a default allocation to channel(s) on all products in the location, then set exception for specific products.

For example, you set 10% of your inventory in the warehouse to your For some products you are selling online only, you override this setting by overriding the warehouse setting, set 100% inventory available online.


You can:

  • add channel(s) to warehouse
  • allocate a portion of inventory (in %) to a channel



  • Channel should first be created. 
  • Role : 
    • Self Operate: a channel operates by your own team 
    • Pick up point: set location as a store pick up store
  • Percentage: % of stock in the location to be assigned to the selected channel. 
  • Enable remainder: You can choose not adding up to 100%, and allocating remaining stock evenly as per priority with this option enabled.
  • Sync Field: sync 'on hand' or 'available' inventory to the channel. We suggest using 'On hand' in CLEARomni, as the 'available' is managed by the channel.


Example 1 - own on Magento, with 50% of the inventory from a warehouse

  • Channel: Magento
  • Role: Self Operate
  • Delivery (Percentage): 50%
  • Delivery (Sync field): 'On Hand'

Example 2 - both on Shopify and shop in Lazada shared all inventory from the warehouse.