Order Routing & Splitting - Sales Order and Fulfilment Order Workflows

CLEARomni OMS consolidates orders from multiple channels, perform order splitting & routing to different handling parties with right fulfilment order workflows.

For example, a Sales Order is the order downloaded from the channel (e.g. Shopify).  Depending on the criteria, one or multiple Fulfilment Orders can be created.  Some of the examples on the order splitting can be due to:

  • The items are from different warehouse locations;
  • Some items need to be handled by 3rd party suppliers;
  • Different handling such as delivery and collection are required for different items

Usually, the Sales Order status would be sychronized with the corresponding selling channel.  And for each Fulfilment Order, a workflow would be assigned (e.g. ship from store, collect in-store, ship by supplier, etc.) and the Fulfilment Order would be assigned to one or more handling parties.

For CLEARomni OMS users and CLEARomni Marketplace platform admin users to view fulfilment order, goes to "Orders" > "Fulfilment" on menu.

For CLEARomni Marketplace seller admin to view fulfilment order, goes to "Orders" under menu.