Using Fulfilment Orders

While a Sales Order is the order downloaded from the channel (e.g. Shopify or Magento).  Depending on the criteria, one or multiple Fulfilment Orders can be created.  Some of the examples on the order splitting can be due to:

  • The items are from different warehouse locations;
  • Some items need to be handled by 3rd party suppliers;
  • Different handling such as delivery and collection are required for different items

For example, the diagram below illustrates two different fulfilment workflows.

To access the Fulfilment Orders under CLEARomni OMS, go to Orders->Fulfilment

Sellers accessing from Seller Center will only see Fulfilment Orders (with the splitted fulfilment orders the sellers are assigned to)

At the Fulfilment Orders listing page, you can find the assigned Fulfilment Workflows and Handling Stores/Sellers.  The Fulfilment Order IDs are usually the same as the Sales Order ID with a subfix.

At the Fulfilment Order detail page, you can check the order detail and perform changes to the Fulfilment Status.  Once the status of all the items are changed, the status of the entire Fulfilment Order will also be updated.