In CLEARomni, there are two methods to create a user account. 


The first method involves the admin user creating the account and sending an activation email to the end user. The end user can then click on the activation link and set their own password. 

The second method entails the admin user creating the account and setting a password for the end user. The system will then automatically send the login information to the end user.


This section will guide you through the process of creating a user account using either of these methods. More details on

- https://help.clearomni.com/en/article/create-user-and-send-activation-email

- https://help.clearomni.com/en/article/create-user-and-setup-password-for-user

- https://help.clearomni.com/en/article/user-receives-activation-email-and-activate-their-account