CLEARomni Marketplace - convert your B2C store into a multi-vendor enterprise marketplace

CLEARomni Marketplace - Multi-vendor / B2B2C / Enterprise Marketplace

If you are a multi-brand retailer or a department store, you are probably having an inventory heavy business model. CLEARomni can help you to evolve your B2C business model into a B2B2C marketplace platform, enabling you to quickly on-board sellers with rapid response to the changing consumer demand, agility to increase your product ranges and all with low inventory risk.

B2B2C Business Model drives your online business growth by enabling you to:

  • Expand your product range and assortments with low inventory risks
  • Adapt to changing customer demands through rapid on-boarding of sellers
  • Rich product catalog enables you to be the shopping destination of your audience

CLEARomni has a suite of features enabling you to convert your B2C business into B2B2C marketplace model:

  • Integrate with your existing commerce platform - CLEARomni has pre-built connectors with major eCommerce platforms such as Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling your B2B2C marketplace model with your existing eCommerce infrastructure.
  • Seller Center for Seller On-Boarding & Management - CLEARomni Seller Center and APP enables sellers to manage all day-to-day operations from product management, inventory update, order fulfilment, payment settlement, etc.
  • Multi-Seller Order Fulfilment - CLEARomni can handle a sales order splitting by multi-seller or custom logic,  into multiple fulfilment orders for each seller.  Vendors or fulfilment parties can manage the order fulfilment directly at CLEARomni or through integration with their own systems.
  • Omni-Channel Order Fulfilment - CLEARomni has comprehensive O2O order management capability, such as Click & Collect, Ship from Store, Return In-Store, etc.
  • Centralized Product Management - Integrated with CLEARomni PIM, sellers can create and manage their product information and pricing directly at CLEARomni Seller Center.  Product enrichment, preview and approval workflow from CLEARomni PIM helps delivering a consistent product experience.
  • Tailored Experience & Integration - With rich capability, open API and ability to customize for your specific needs, CLEARomni enables you to create tailored customer experience and operating workflow with little limitations.