Using CLEARomni Fulfilment APP for Click & Collect / BOPIS

To use CLEARomni APP for handling Click & Collect / BOPIS Orders, below illustrates an example of the use case.  Please note that the order status, actions and notifications can be different depending on the fulfilment workflow setup.

1. After login, the dashboard shows the status of the different orders responsible by the handling store / collection point.

You can get to the fulfilment order list by clicking on one of the board to see a list of fulfilment orders under the status, or you can click on the menu to get the list.  Search function is also available at the listing page.

You can filter the order by status by selecting the status at the menu.

Select one of the orders to go to the order detail page.  Depending on the fulfilment workflow set up, the actions available could be different.  For example, a status of new order for BOPIS/Click & Collect can be Pending and the action can be "Ready to Pack".

Once the items are packed, user can click the "Ready to Pack" button to move the order to the next status, such as "Ready to Collect".  CLEARomni can send an update message in email/SMS to the customer to notify the availability for collection.

And when the customer comes to collect the item, you can search for the order simply by inputting the order number (in full or partial) through the search order or the scan code function.

Search order:

Scan code:

At the Fulfilment Order detail page, the click on the Collected button for customer signature:

Sign and submit

Then the order status will be changed to 'Collected'